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Zacara wins US Open, 2012
Adolfo Cambiaso, "The Scream".
Mike Azzaro - MVP, U.S. Open
Facundo Pieres, "The Big Win"
Nick Roldan, Maserati Beach Polo 2012
Facundo Pieres wins U.S. Open
Adolfo Cambiaso, U.S. Open 2012
Adolfo Cambiaso, U.S. Open 2012
Nacho Figueras and Kris Kampsen, Miami Beach Polo
Zacara Wins U.S. Open 2012
Zacara Wins! U.S. Open 2012
Adolfo Cambiaso, U.S. Open 2012
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The 2015 Polo Season is here in Wellington, Florida! We're currently changing our website for a whole new look, so exciting! Please check here for updates, photos, and much more! - Don't forget for all the latest pictures from the polo field, click on "Photos"!

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You've seen me on the world-reknowned IPC field in Wellington, you've seen me at Chicago Beach Polo, Miami Beach Polo... you've seen my candid action-photography photos posted on my Facebook fan page, as well as the pictures of the stars of Polo... you've seen my several book publishings... now catch me, Sheryel Aschfort, at the Polo fields this 2015 season!

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